Public Speaking & Workshops

06 & 07/02/2017

Facilitation of a two-day workshop bringing together activists from Europe and US working on Anti-Muslim Racism organised by OSF  in Barcelona, Spain



Participation in the debate ‘The fight against Afrophobia: state of affairs in Europe’ at the Hall Studio, Centre for Fine Arts Brussels (BOZAR)


Input lecture on ‚Ain’t I a Woman‘: Looking at representative action for women* from a Black feminist perspective during an expert discussion at It’s right, isn’t it?: organised by the  Gunda Werner Institute 


Lecture on “Racism at Universities” and participation in the subsequent panel discussion at the University of Leipzig


Co-organizer and trainer at the Leadership Workshop of the New Economy Organizers Network (NEON) Europe in Berlin


“European Network of People of African Descent and the relevance of self-organized counter spaces” at the “Europe’s Black History Conference” in the University of Westminster in London


Lecture on “Self-Representations of Collective Empowerment: The ‘European Network of People of African Descent’ and the relevance of self-organized counter spaces” in Munich


Participation in the panel discussion “Final discussion: Who is in charge? – Challenges for Civil Society 2.0” for the Amadeu Antonio Foundation in Berlin


Keynote lecture “The European Network of People of African Descent (ENPAD) and the relevance of self-organized counter spaces” during the Afroeuropean Studies Conference at the Westf. Wilhelms-Universität Münster


Lecture on “Racial Profiling & Police Brutality – Transnational Black Realities” and participation in the panel discussion “#BlackLiveMatters” for the Initiative of Black People in Germany (ISD) in Frankfurt


Two workshops on “Global Struggles and Solidarity” during the Black Lives Matter Convening in Cleveland, Ohio, USA


Workshop on “Everyday Racism and its Structural Dimensions – examples of active anti-racist Network work” for the Foreign association Saxony-Anhalt e.V. in Magdeburg


Participation in the panel discussion “Group-Focused Enmity. How open is our society?”at the German Theater in Berlin


Presentation on “Racial Profiling” at the University of Constance organized by the AstA Department for Equality in Constance


Participation in the panel discussion “#BlackLivesMatter: Global Solidarity in the 21st Century” organized by the European Network of People of African Descent and New Urban Collective in Amsterdam


Panel discussions on New Forms of Activism during the Africa Liberation Day in London


Panel discussion about the European Network for People of African Descent (ENPAD), activism and European Networks during the May Ayim Day in Berlin


Guest Lecture on “Racial Profiling” at the Leibniz University Hannover


Speech on Anti-Black Racism during the “My Right is Your Right Demonstration” in Berlin


Podiumsdiskussion zu „Racial Profiling“ mit Fabio Reinhardt und Biplab Basu für die Piratenfraktion im Berliner Abgeordnetenhaus in Berlin


Participation in the Panel Discussion “Berlin Conference 130 Years of Berlinization of the African Continent and Exercise in Crime” in the Volksbühne at the Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in Berlin


Workshop on “Counter Narratives and Self-organized Resistance” during the “We are all Berliners 1884 -2014” Symposium from Savy Contemporary in Berlin


Panel Discussion at the Book Presentation of the European Network against Racism (ENAR) “Invisible Visible Minority: Launch of the ENAR Book on People of African Descent” in Brussels


Moderation of the Hearing “Afrophobic stereotypes vs. Tradition “in the European Parliament in Strasbourg


Lecture on “Transnational Activism” Network Inclusion Leaders Network in Berlin


Lecture on “The Relevance of European Networking and Self-Organized Counter Spaces” and participation in the Panel Discussion “H- / edging towards Europe” as part of the Art & Activism Series in Berlin


Participation in the Panel Discussion “#SchauHin and MiGAZIN – Agenda Setting for Minority Issues”at the Media & Minority Conference in Berlin


Lecture on “Activism in Berlin & Beyond” and participation in the Panel Discussion “Black Diaspora Arts and Activism in Berlin” at Black Diaspora in Berlin – Decolonial Narratives


Lecture on Racial Profiling during an Expert Talk at Amnesty International


Speech on “European Solidarity” at the Zwarte Piet Demonstration in Amsterdam